Our first-ever Artist-in-Residence, Tom Neel, brings the beauty of the Virginia landscape indoors at Creighton Farms.  In a relationship stemming from his first commissioned painting for the Creighton Farms’ sales office in 2006, Neel’s original oil paintings are now featured throughout much of the main floor of the Clubhouse.

The landscapes of Tom Neel are a beautiful combination of vibrant colors, scenic beauty, and artistic vision.  Not only does the viewer take in the varied blues of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or luminescent oranges and purples of a dramatic sunset, but they also feel the light humidity of a warm summer day, or the cool morning fog sweeping across the meadow.  The intimate relationship between the viewer and the paintings is what makes Neel’s work such a perfect match for Creighton Farms.

Tom Neel says of Creighton Farms, “For me personally, what makes this relationship so special is the great sense of community it brings. Certainly I want members and guests to both enjoy my art and make it part of their home, but I also would like my art to reflect the exceptional lifestyle Creighton Farms offers.”

Neel wants to do more than just have you see what he sees, he wants to create a beautiful and unique experience – an element that gels with and adds to the total experience of Creighton Farms.  Learn more about Tom Neel and his work on his website.


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